Wild Silk Cushion Cover - Striped

Wild Silk Cushion Cover - Striped


This cushion cover is made of wild silk, which comes from the cocoons of silkworms that live in forests or tree plantations. Much of it is produced in the tribal areas of Eastern India, where it provides a source of income and an incentive for people to conserve the forests. 

Wild silk comes in various natural shades of brown, beige and gold, reflecting the different leaves that the silkworms have eaten. Its threads are shorter than conventional silk, which results in a 'slubby' fabric with a subtle pattern created by the different thread lengths, thicknesses and colours. 

Our wild silk products are made in North-East India by a cooperative that has been practising silk weaving for generations.

Read about our visit to the cooperative here

- 40 x 40cm (will fit a cushion of this size or slightly larger)
- Cushion insert not included

* 100% undyed wild silk

* Made of hand-spun threads
* Woven by hand on traditional looms

* Sewn into cushion covers by a fair trade group in Delhi
* Fastened with coconut buttons

Washing Instructions: wash by hand or on a gentle cycle in cool or lukewarm water using mild detergent only, i.e. detergent that contains no bleaching agents (including oxygen-based ones) or enzymes.

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