Matka Silk Cushion Cover

Matka Silk Cushion Cover


This cushion cover is made from matka - a fabric comprised of the short threads left over from silk production. As a by-product of silk production, it represents a form of upcycling. Matka produces a beautifully soft fabric that is more matte than conventional silk, but shimmers subtly when placed in sunlight. 

Our matka products are made in North-East India by a cooperative that has been practising silk weaving for generations.

Read about our visit to the cooperative here.

- 40 x 40cm (will fit a cushion of this size or slightly larger)
- Cushion insert not included
- Colour: off-white/cream

* 100% undyed wild silk

* Made of hand-spun threads
* Woven by hand on traditional looms

* Sewn into cushion covers by a fair trade group in Delhi
* Fastened with coconut buttons

Washing Instructions: wash by hand or on a gentle cycle in cool or lukewarm water using mild detergent only, i.e. detergent that contains no bleaching agents (including oxygen-based ones) or enzymes.

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