In designing our products, we try to use the most sustainable materials available. Below are the main fibres used in our current collections.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the fluffy fibres that surround the seeds of the cotton plant. It produces a soft, smooth fabric that is perfect for household textiles such as bed linen and towels.

Cotton is conventionally grown with a heavy use of chemical inputs and irrigation, which increase short-term yields but create long-term environmental problems. Organic cotton, by contrast, is grown using natural methods, so its environmental impact is much more benign, and in some cases can actually be positive.

Wild Silk

Wild silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms that live in forests or tree plantations. Much of it is produced in the tribal areas of Eastern India, where it provides a source of income and an incentive for people to conserve their local forests. 

Wild silk comes in various shades of brown, beige and gold, reflecting the different leaves that the silkworms have eaten. Its threads are shorter than conventional silk, which results in a 'slubby' fabric with a subtle pattern created by the different thread lengths, thicknesses and colours. 

Organic Linen

Linen comes from the fibres of the flax plant, which grows primarily in North-Western Europe. The fibre is strong and highly absorbent, so it is often used for kitchen textiles and summer bedding.

Flax cultivation generally requires fewer chemical inputs than cotton, but it does still use some. Organic linen comes from flax that has been grown without any chemical inputs and using farming methods that encourage biodiversity, so it is highly sustainable. Only 1% of linen is farmed organically, so organic linen is a very rare fibre.

Matka Silk

Matka is a form of upcycled silk, as it is made from the short threads that are discarded in the process of making conventional (mulberry) silk. It is produced primarily in rural India, where it provides an important source of income to artisanal families.

Matka produces a beautiful fabric that is both light and soft, like a combination of cotton and cashmere. As the yarns are spun from short threads, the fabric has a more matte appearance than conventional silk, but it shimmers subtly when placed in sunlight.