We wrap our products in recycled tissue paper and send them out to you in boxes made of recycled cardboard. Both of these materials can be placed in your home recycling bin. Our flyers are printed on recycled and recyclable paper using vegetable oil based inks.

Some of our products are individually wrapped in plastic poly-bags. These are the original bags they arrived in from the supplier and we see no reason to remove them before sending the products to you, as they protect the product in the post. If you receive an item that does not have a plastic covering, it is because it was shipped by the supplier in a box that was lined with plastic (all products shipped from overseas require some plastic covering for protection). We always send these products using a signed-for service so that there is no risk of them sitting outside exposed to the elements.

In general, packaging is a difficult thing to do sustainably. Plastic has serious end-of-life problems, including environmental pollution and wildlife destruction. However, its production process is less energy intensive than paper and some life-cycle studies have found that it has an overall lower carbon footprint than paper. We are looking into compostable packaging, but it currently seems unsuitable as it only lasts a few months and our stock is often in storage for over six months. We are also considering the use of recycled cotton bags, but as more and more brands are packing their products in them, we are concerned that the customer will end up with too many and will have to throw them away. Not all kerbside recycling services accept cotton; hence we are sticking with recyclable paper and plastic for the time being.

We try to stay on top of the latest research in sustainable packaging and are really keen to hear customers’ opinions on this topic. If you have any feedback on our packaging or any ideas about how we could make it more sustainable, please email us at