Organic Linen Table Cloth - Flax

Organic Linen Table Cloth - Flax


Our 100% organic linen table cloth is made of flax grown organically in France, woven at a CO2-neutral mill in Belgium, and stitched into a table cloth at a social enterprise in London.

Linen is generally considered a sustainable fibre, as its cultivation requires fewer chemicals than cotton, and little or no irrigation. However, fewer chemicals does not mean no chemicals, and linen is typically grown using an array of fungicides, herbicides and petroleum-based fertilisers.

In contrast to conventional linen, the linen in our table cloth has been grown organically, which means no chemicals have been used and the flax has been grown in rotation with other crops, creating a more diverse, and consequently more wildlife-friendly, farm.

Organic linen currently accounts for only 1% of global linen production and is grown by a handful of pioneering farms in France. We visited some of these farms in 2018, and are proud to now be working with them. You can read about our visit to them here.

* 100% organic linen
* Grown in France

* Woven by machine in a CO2 neutral mill in Belgium

* Undyed
* Stitched into table cloths at a social enterprise in London

* Size: 130 x 180cm

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