Organic Linen Bedding - White

Organic Linen Bedding - White

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Our GOTS-certified 100% organic linen bedding is made of flax grown organically in France and woven into bed linen in Portugal. Linen is a beautiful fabric with a unique texture created by the slubbiness of its threads. These threads give it a slightly crumpled look that is both elegant and down to earth (and also means that it doesn’t need ironing). Linen tends to get softer with use, and ours has been through a special ‘washing’ process using enzymes, which makes the fabric particularly soft and also prevents it from shrinking.

As well as its softness and unique look, linen has some impressive technical abilities, the main ones being that is is highly absorbent and that it conducts heat away from the skin. These make it the perfect bedding fabric for hot summer months.

Ecosophy is the first brand in the UK to offer linen bedding that is certified organic. Linen is often marketed as a sustainable fibre as its cultivation requires little-to-no irrigation and fewer chemicals than cotton. However, fewer chemicals does not mean none, and linen is usually grown using some fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertiliser. In contrast to regular linen, organic linen has been grown with no chemicals and in rotation with other crops, creating a more diverse and consequently more wildlife-friendly farm.

Organic linen currently accounts for only 1% of global linen production and is grown by a handful of pioneering farms in France. We visited some of these farms in 2018, and are proud to now be working with them. You can read about our visit to them here.

* Organic linen certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
* Grown in France

* Woven by machine at a GOTS-certified factory in Portugal

* Dyed white using low-impact GOTS-approved dyes
* Stitched into bed linen at a GOTS-certified factory in Portugal

* All sets include one duvet cover, one fitted sheet and two housewife pillow cases

Pillowcase (housewife): 50x75cm
Pillow case (oxford): 50x75cm + 5cm flap
Fitted Sheets: (D) 135x190cm, (K) 150x200cm, (SK) 180x200cm + 35cm hem
Flat Sheets: (D) 230x270cm, (K) 270x270cm, (SK) 300x270cm
Duvet Covers: (D) 200x200cm, (K) 225x220cm, (SK) 260x220cm

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