Hand Woven, Organic Cotton Bath Towel

Hand Woven, Organic Cotton Bath Towel


This bath towel has been woven by hand using organic cotton. It has a flat weave, which drapes beautifully, and is made of long-staple fibre, which makes it soft and absorbent. The hand-woven nature of the towel means the fabric is slightly different on each side: on one side, it is very smooth, and on the other, it has small bumps that have a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin.

As this towel has been woven on traditional looms, you may notice some slight imperfections in the weave of the fabric. This is typical of a hand woven product and is a sign of its authenticity.

Made in India. Read about our visit to the producers here.

Size: 70 x 130cm

* Organic cotton
* Long-staple fibre

* Made from machine-spun threads
* Woven by hand using a herringbone weave

* Dyed white using low-impact dyes
* Turned into towels by a conglomerate of self-help groups in rural India

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