Organic Bedding: a seasonal guide

One of the joys of living in a country with four seasons is the opportunity each one brings to change our lifestyle. Autumn and winter push us indoors toward rest and the joys of ‘hygge’, while spring and summer pull us outside to new adventures. Nature regularly prods us to change our habits, and this can be good for us as well as fun.

Many brands capitalise on these nature-approved lifestyle shifts, giving us an endless array of new stuff to celebrate them with. At Ecosophy, we usually aim for the opposite of this by celebrating quality over quantity. But making seasonal changes doesn’t have to mean buying new products every year. If we use the same products year on year, swapping them on a seasonal basis can give us the thrill of the new without actually buying anything new.

When it comes to our homes, bedding is the most obvious choice for a seasonal change as it is the closest homeware product to our skin. Our choice of bedding fabric can make a huge difference to the quality of our sleep throughout the year, with jersey creating warmth and cosiness in the winter, and linen keeping us cool and dry in the summer. Below, we have outlined the most suitable bedding fabrics for each season, with links to our own collections, all of which are organic.


Summer Bedding: Linen

Linen is a beautiful fabric with a unique texture created by the slubbiness (i.e. irregular thickness) of its threads. These give it a slightly crumpled look that is both elegant and down to earth. Despite its irregular texture, linen is very soft and becomes more so with use. Our collection has been through a special ‘washing’ process using enzymes, which makes it particularly soft.

As well as its special character and softness, linen has some impressive technical abilities, the main ones being that it is highly absorbent and that it conducts heat away from the skin. These make it the perfect bedding fabric for hot summer months.

Shop organic linen bedding here.


Winter Bedding: Jersey

Jersey is a cotton fabric that is knitted rather than woven, which gives it a T-shirt like softness and a relaxed structure. Jersey bedding is great in winter as it is warm to touch and the flexibility of the fabric means it lies close to the skin, keeping out any chills. These qualities, along with jersey’s incredible softness, create a really cosy sleep environment that you will not want to get out of.

Shop organic jersey bedding here.


Spring & Autumn Bedding: Percale

Percale is a great bedding choice for the in-between months, when it’s not too cold and not too hot. Percale is a cotton fabric made through a one-over, one-under weaving method that creates a tight, smooth and matte fabric – similar to a crisp cotton shirt. While this smoothness can be a bit of a downside in extreme weather – making the fabric slightly cool in the winter and reducing its absorbency in the summer – in the spring and autumn, percale’s smoothness and perfectly balanced weight feel like sheer luxury.

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