Indigo Shibori Quilt - Mokume

Indigo Shibori Quilt - Mokume


Made from hand-spun, hand-woven cotton (khadi) dyed with botanical indigo. Designed using traditional Bengali kantha stitching and a shibori dyeing technique called 'mokume' that is inspired by the pattern of tree bark.

Produced by a cooperative in Bangladesh that includes indigo farmers and shibori artisans.

Read about our visit to the cooperative here.

- 240 x 250cm (will fit a double/king size bed)
- Shibori pattern on one side, reverse side is plain indigo with white stitching creating a striped effect

* 98% cotton (it is difficult to find a source of organic cotton in Bangladesh, but we are working with the producer group to find one)
* 2% polyester: this is used to sew the two layers of fabric together, as cotton is not strong enough for this task

* Made with hand-spun threads
* Woven by hand on traditional looms

* Hand-dyed with botanical indigo
* Hand-stitched using the kantha technique

Washing Instructions: As this product has been dyed with natural pigments derived from plants, it is important that it is washed using mild detergent only, i.e. detergent that contains no bleaching agents (including oxygen-based ones) or enzymes. Alternatively, this product can be dry cleaned.

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