Indigo Shibori Quilt - Mokume stripes

Indigo Shibori Quilt - Mokume stripes


Made from hand-spun and hand-woven cotton (khadi) dyed with botanical indigo. Designed using traditional Bengali kantha stitching and a shibori dyeing technique called 'mokume' that is inspired by the pattern of tree bark.

Produced by a cooperative in Bangladesh that includes indigo farmers and artisans.

Read about our visit to the cooperative here.

- King size (240 x 250cm)
- Striped shibori on one side, reverse side is plain indigo with white kantha stitching

* 98% cotton (it is difficult to find a source of organic cotton in Bangladesh, but we are working with the producer group to find one)
* 2% polyester: this is used to sew the two layers of fabric together, as cotton is not strong enough for this task

* Made with hand-spun threads
* Woven by hand on traditional looms

* Hand-dyed with botanical indigo
* Hand-stitched using the kantha technique

Washing Instructions: dry clean or wash by hand in cool or lukewarm water using mild detergent only, i.e. detergent that contains no bleaching agents (including oxygen-based ones) or enzymes.

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